Special Olympics Texas: 

“It is my pleasure to recommend Jackson Galloway Associates Architects as an excellent, responsive group of design professionals. As past Chairman of the Board of Special Olympics Texas, I acted as the board liaison on our new building project and worked closely with Jackson Galloway. Their team showed skill in listening to us and gathering information while guiding our CEO and her team through the design process. The result is a building that represents our athletes and their many talents and a special place for Special Olympics families and employees to gather. The facility was designed to be highly functional and versatile for our current needs as well as anticipating our future growth as an organization. 

“One of several goals of Special Olympics Texas during this building process was to provide a compelling vision for our donors where we could make sure that their generous contributions both honored our athletes and reflected the importance of their contribution. Jackson Galloway provided top notch architectural rendering graphics that were essential to our fund raising efforts and went on to design the building in a way that showed a practiced sensitivity to donor resources without compromising attractiveness of the building. They were able to represent our needs from the first meeting through the time we occupied the building.” 

– Steve Hayes, Owner’s Representative

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Rockdale:

“As a pastor, this was the first time I ventured into a construction project. Our committee decided to pick Jackson Galloway to develop a plan for our church renovation. In the course of our project, they helped us address all the issues with their listening and collaboration. We were not disappointed. They were very professional. Without hesitation, I am proud to recommend Jackson Galloway.”

– Rev. Ramon Frayna, Pastor

Redeemer Presbyterian Church: 

“The team at Jackson Galloway was a tremendous resource for our church - especially Bob, David, and Mandy. Their creativity helped us work through the process of taking an old, dilapidated building and re-purposing it with a great design and fit for our congregation. They patiently worked helped us walk through the unfamiliar construction process. And they were especially helpful in dealing with the unique and challenging relational dynamics of a church project. Their experience, diligence, and creativity helped us get a better result than we had even imagined. I highly recommend working with Jackson Galloway.” 

– Benjie Slaton, Associate Pastor

“I am pleased to recommend for your consideration Bob Galloway and the team assembled at Jackson Galloway Associates (JGA). 

“Starting in 2012, JGA guided Redeemer through its building acquisition and repurposing of its new location in downtown San Antonio. Included in this effort were many distinct, yet related tasks: site assessment, programming, master planning, initial and finalized plans for renovation, contractor selection, permitting and actual buildin renovation. From the beginnin of our project to its completion in May of 2014, JGA delivered an outstanding result. 

“Redeemer chose JGA due to their depth of experience in working with churches and excellent portfolio of projects. Not only does JGA deliver creative designs and technical excellence, but they also exhibit an open responsiveness to the dynamics that characterize a church setting. By choosing to understand who we were, it enabled them to arrive at solutions that best reflected our congregational identity. 

“Therefore, I enthusiastically recommend Bob Galloway and the entire team at JGA.” 

– Tom Gibbs, Senior Pastor

St. William Catholic Church: 

“Our parish has the great pleasure of working with Jackson Galloway on our new parish activity center. Michael, along with every other member of the JGA team, has taken such great care to make sure that the parish and its needs has been taken care of along with making sure that the building reflects our current environment. The process from beginning until now has been very collaborative and smooth. I highly recommend working with Jackson Galloway!” 

– Ana-Cristina Gonzales, Chief Operations Officer

Austin ISD Bond Program:

“Without hesitation, I can say that Jackson Galloway excels at representing the owner’s needs throughout the project. They know how to communicate well with a variety of constituents on behalf of the client and the project scope. They are extremely collaborative. I’d say this ability really came through during construction administration on the Delco Activity Center, where they took the initiative to bring together a variety of user groups and engage them in a dialogue about the project in order to ensure that all areas were well defined and thought through before they proceeded with bids. They mounted excellent tools for presentation of ideas to user groups and our Board. I’ll tell you. This kind of communication on the owner’s behalf is rare.” 

– Scott Rouse, Project Manager

Bethany United Methodist Church:

“It is our pleasure to recommend Jackson Galloway Associates as an excellent, responsive, professional architecture firm. [...] They are tuned in to churches, their unique needs and their sometimes quirky processes of decision. [...] The Fellowship Hall is our oldest building, but it was transformed from a rather dark, plain building to a completely bright and inviting structure that fulfills all the purposes that a multi-purpose building requires. As an engineer myself, I know how difficult and challenging modification jobs can be. We highly recommend Jackson Galloway Associates.”

– Clifford G. Wells, Administrative Director

Emmaus Catholic Parish:

“Bob showed he was skilled in soliciting information about the parish needs and that he was a good listener who quickly established rapport. At all times he performed in a most professional manner. The Parish Building Committee was pleased with the long-range plan that Bob provided.”

– John B. Riley, Building Committee Chair

St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church:

“We were very happy with the way Jackson Galloway worked with us and our builder in both the design and construction of the building, as well as how they negotiated the numerous issues we encountered with changing City codes and requirements.  We expect to call on their expertise again.”

– Rev. Deacon Basil Long, Building Committee Chair

Texas District of the Lutheran Church: 

“One of the things our selection committee appreciated most was Jackson Galloway’s genuine interest in finding out what we wanted to accomplish. As we worked with them in the early stages of the design process, it was clear to us that they had thought about us, the client – they brought ideas to us that clearly reflected our needs and vision. They heard us. They were not creating designs based upon what they thought we needed or what they wanted to see done themselves.” 

– Steve Block, Executive Director

Newton Presbyterian Church:  

“As a pastor I observed over six years your patient working through Presbyterian processes. Democracy is messy but ultimately gets people to feel they have ownership. You were a model of forbearance and courtesy. [...] If you ever need a professional commendation do not hesitate to be in touch – we could provide you with one overwhelmingly.”

– A. Donald MacLeod, Senior Pastor

Covenant Presbyterian Church:

“Jackson Galloway is a team of creative design professionals. I was particularly impressed by the firm’s readiness to work with numerous church volunteers.”

– Fred Clement, COO

Austin Christian Fellowship:

“I am pleased to recommend Jackson Galloway for your Master Planning needs. Our church used their firm in the spring of 2005 to re-do our church’s master plan. [...] In all our meetings they were thoroughly prepared and very good at drawing out our ideas. When faced with some unique challenges with our property, they offered creative, “out-of-the-box” solutions. Bottom line, their services exceeded our expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

– Cordel Robinson, Executive Pastor

St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church:

“I enjoyed working with everyone at Jackson Galloway. Each person that helped with our project was patient and thoughtful. Most important of all, the staff was willing to listen and actually learn from us in regards to the unique requirements of our tradition. Our parish also appreciated the high degree of professionalism that your company displayed throughout the entire project. Perhaps the highest recommendation I can give is the fact that, when we get started on the next phase of our building program, we will be using Jackson Galloway Associates once again.”

– Rev. Aidan Wilcoxson, Pastor

Grace Presbyterian Church:

“While we looked at many architectural firms before settling on Jackson Galloway, what we came to value most about working with them was that John Jackson and Bob Galloway truly wanted to understand us and our particular vision for ministry. They listened to us – to our mission and to who we are as a church. They communicated very well with our congregation. Throughout the process, we felt certain that they did indeed understand us, and that they shared our spirituality. We’ve been very satisfied with the results – with how they helped us express the Church’s vision through the planning, design and fiscal management of our project.” 

– Nancy Reeves, Pastor

Round Rock Presbyterian Church:

“We are a mid-size, rapidly growing church that desperately needed new sanctuary space. Though money was tight for us, we knew that money follows a viable mission in Christ’s kingdom. Due to our size, this project had the potential to be incredibly anxiety-ridden for us, but we trusted John, Bob, and their staff to take our dreams and desires and make of them a visible, sacred mission for our congregation to follow. We put our trust in them to guide us and their integrity encouraged us to achieve our goal. I cannot thank Jackson Galloway enough for their leadership.”

– Bill Pederson, Pastor

First Evangelical Free Church:

“The end result is a beautiful yet functional design which thoughtfully incorporates the elements of our site and provides a good value for the hard-earned monies donated by our church members. JGA’s design is both timeless and elegant. In addition, JGA’s principals and personnel are a pleasure with which to deal, truly embodying the elements of a “partnership” instead of simply a business relationship. You will be pleased with the product and the process if you select JGA.”

– Scot Krieger, Chairman of Building Commission

“We at FEFC wanted to pass on our thanks for a job well done on the recent completion of our Community Center and the remodeling of the Worship Center and Children’s Building. This was a complex project because of the interconnected nature of the building and remodeling. It was a joy to us to have Jackson Galloway as part of the team. 

“From the very inception of the project, we felt a great sense of commitment from Jackson Galloway to get us what we needed at a fair price. We appreciated all the help in the initial design and in dealing with all of our changes. The construction phase was a show of teamwork with the general contractor and the FEFC team. The attention to detail and the amount of time spent on site working out issues was very much appreciated by FEFC. We are satisfied with the final product, and all of the people at Jackson Galloway that participated were invaluable. Thanks again for all of your assistance, and we look forward to our next project together.”

– Jim Bates, Director of Operations

First Baptist Church Georgetown: 

“John Jackson and Bob Galloway’s firm focuses closely on their clients’ desires and needs. They listen intently. Their ideas are focused. Their approach is both professional and personal. That’s been our experience in working with them. I’ve found Jackson Galloway’s #1 strength to be their versatility. Our experience working with them was about balance through every step of the planning, design and construction process.”

– Jim Haskell, Pastor

Lake Travis Methodist Church:

“John and Bob understood very well our desire to build a sacred space. We felt as though they came to understand the values of our church. They took this seriously on our behalf and helped us tell a story that is our own through the design of our sanctuary. What resulted for us was a sacred and aesthetically beautiful sanctuary that our congregation has embraced.”

– Ronald R. P. Myers, Pastor

Grace Bible Church:

“From the first meeting our committee was confident that the Jackson Galloway team would be a great steward of the church’s vision. We have been in the new facility almost two years now, and we have both a facility that promotes discipleship by allowing a greater number of people to gather in fellowship and worship, as well as one fine looking building! Thank you to you and your team for being such a great partner in the process.” 

– Carter Bechtol, Building Committee Chair

“Thank you both for your wonderfully creative work on our church. I think the last rendition is fabulous. I love the new entrance with the “Alamo” façade and the subtle cross in the window. The north façade is much more simple, again with the cross in the window. I love the feeling of the open portals. I love the fire places and the water tank. You have captured in structure the way we live and want to live at the church. It shouts: Come and hang out! Thank you.”

– Dan Daniel, Building Committee

Regents School of Austin:

“Our building committee was very, very happy with Jackson Galloway’s services. John Jackson and Bob Galloway served as our shepherds through the architectural process todesign Phase I of our campus – the project had developed some complexities before we hired them and they were able to represent our interests exceptionally well from design through construction administration.”

– John Needham, Board of Directors

South Spring Baptist Church:

“Thank you both for all your hard work and efforts in the design / construction of our new Children’s Building at SSBC. Your commitment to the details and willingness to persevere through the process is not only commendable but is also greatly appreciated. I’m glad we got to work together and there would be no hesitation on my part should we get to work on another project.”

– Paul McKenzie, Executive Teaching Pastor

Saint Martin’s Lutheran Church: 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jackson Galloway and Associates on my church’s (St. Martin’s Lutheran Church) property master plan and schematic design. Our church has been wrestling with what to do with our properties and buildings in downtown Austin for 10 years. Four different church property task forces attempted to figure it out. Jackson Galloway joined our team and in 5 months, had congregational approval for our building and land that won by a vote two to one. 

“Jackson Galloway’s ability to gain consensus with a congregation that had divergent, strong opinions was a God thing, no doubt. Jackson Galloway demonstrated an expertise in working a complex site in an urban setting. They complemented the best of our existing facilities with new additions that will serve St. Martins Lutheran Church for generations to come.” 

– Jane Harvey, Building Committee Chair

Tarrytown United Methodist Church: 

“John and the Jackson Galloway group were a great fit for the expansion as well as the updating and improvements needed on our neighborhood site. The design work was creative for multiple uses. It was also outstanding in that it complimented the existing structures and fit the needs of the surrounding residences. They accomplished the challenge with a clear understanding of the church’s mission and without distraction from that emphasis. I hope to work with them again.” 

– Steve Muckleroy, Lay Leader

First Baptist Church Temple: 

“A year ago we hired John and his associates to update our church’s master plan. We made this decision after interviewing John and investigating other churches’ experiences with them. All the feedbacks we received from other churches were very positive. Various church leaders highly recommended them. They said John and his firm were very knowledgeable, professional and did quality work. Another important aspect was John and his team sees their work as a ministry. They feel God is leading them and using them to impact God’s kingdom. 

“As our church worked with John this past year to update our master plan, he was very good about listening to our needs and working with us in a collaborative effort. He has now completed a master plan that we will be using as a guide for years to come. 

“This year we also asked John to work with us in completing our Phase 2 schematic design. Again, we have been very pleased with the work he has done. Now, we are ready to move forward in constructing Phase 2. We are looking forward to working with Jackson Galloway Associates.” 

– Doug Young, Associate Pastor

Austin Baptist Church: 

“Jackson Galloway Associates was the architect for the first phase of our campus at Austin Baptist Church (2012) and they are also designing the Phase 2 expansion (2016). Bob Galloway is the head of the company. He is a fine Christian man and his firm has designed dozens of churches and schools in Central Texas (check their website for a portfolio). We enjoy working with him and his entire team very much, and we can highly commend both the competence and the integrity of his company. They are very good to work with, and I encourage you to engage their help in designing your facility. We would not use anyone else.” 

– David Procter, Executive Pastor

“I wanted to put in a good word for Jackson, Galloway, and Associates. Their firm designed our new campus on RM2222 near RM620 in Northwest Austin. We found them cooperative, creative, and conscientious. We went from mere concepts to one of the most beautiful and functional church campuses in our city. In fact, we would love for you to come out and let us show you their work. The Jackson/Galloway team has a great deal of experience in designing church buildings and church campuses and it shows as they work with you. They know some of the obstacles you face in attempting to build in Austin; and they have a keen sense of appreciation for things churches must address that are not necessarily pertinent to other entities. 

“Perhaps most meaningful to me as a pastor is the fact that Bob Galloway, who was our primary point person with their firm, is a devoted follower of Christ and leader in his church. He gets it, and he is humble, kind, and patient. We would not even think twice about utilizing them again. Indeed, we are likely to do so in rather short order—as we are quickly outgrowing our new building. 

“I heartily recommend Jackson, Galloway, and Associates, and would be more than happy to answer any specific questions you may have.” 

– Gary Dyer, Senior Pastor

The Austin Stone Community Church: 

“We worked with Jackson Galloway on our most recent building project, and we were extremely pleased. I would recommend this firm without any reservations. 

“Bob Galloway is the consummate professional - he’s always willing to go the extra mile, he has great ideas, and he always follows up with whatever he says he’s going to do. He is completely trustworthy. As you would expect, we had to deal with field issues regularly in our weekly construction meetings. There were several times when Bob literally hand-drew sketches on pieces of paper that solved these issues AND saved us tens of thousands of dollars. 

“Working with Bob was a breath of fresh air. We were constantly amazed at how much attention he paid to our project. There were several times when we felt like we were his only clients - even though we knew there was no way that could possibly be the case. If you decide to go with Bob , you will not be disappointed!”

– Marcus Hsia, Director of Technology

 Grace Covenant Church: 

“We just completed our third major project using JGA as our architects. They have been wonderful partners to come alongside us to design our church facilities. They listen to us explain what we need. They maximize the design of the facility to achieve our desired outcome. They are extremely helpful and available during the construction process. I have not hesitation recommending them and will certainly keep using them.

– Ray Anderson, Executive Pastor

First Baptist Church Georgetown:

“Through my years of ministry I have had the privilege to build nine different buildings and renovate a few others. Through all those experiences there has been one architectural firm that stands out among all others and that is the firm of Jackson Galloway.  

“I have had a working relationship with the firm of Jackson Galloway Associates for over ten years. We opened up a new Worship Center in 2001 and an education building in 2006. On our last facility I had the opportunity to work with them from the very beginning of the concept through the move-in and follow-up. Everyone I have ever worked with from Jackson Galloway has always been professional, highly knowledgeable and great to work with. Jackson Galloway knows and understands churches and the processes they must go through to build a new building.

“As far as I am concerned, First Baptist Georgetown will never interview another architect. I cannot imagine building another building without Jackson Galloway being a part of it. They take much of the stress, frustration and consuming of time out of the process of building a church building.”

– Kirk A. Kriegel, Executive Pastor

“Bob, it has been an honor to work with you, Brian and Mandy the last couple of years. In my opinion the project couldn’t have gone any smoother and the quality of the building is a reflection of you and your employees. You and John have built a very reputable business and have a lot to be proud of. I just got back from the concert in the youth room and everything was perfect. Everyone I talked with today was extremely happy with the building.”

– Allan Higgins, Building Committee Chair

Timy Baranoff Elementary:

“I learned about Jackson Galloway through highly lauded references. My experience working with them was that they are truly dedicated to their clients and their work. They are not just about profit making. They are dedicated to design aesthetics and project functionality. They stick with you from beginning to end.”

– Debbie Sansom, Principal

NYOS Charter School:

“John Jackson and Bob Galloway are people of the highest integrity and character. They are people of quality. Professionally, their firm well exceeds the client’s expectations of service. John and Bob are profound listeners, really. They don’t come with an agenda. These characteristics, while so often overused, correctly describe John Jackson and Bob Galloway, and their staff.”

– Teresa Elliott, Principal

St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church:

“After interviewing seven architectural firms, our committee was unanimous in deciding on the firm of Jackson Galloway to develop a master plan for our parish of St. Martin de Porres. We have not been disappointed. In their listening closely to our needs and dreams, both from the committee and from parishioners in a town hall meeting, the firm put together an exciting plan for a new education center, along with other possibilities to meet the ministerial needs of the expected growth of the parish. The professionalism, sensitivity and care that Bob Galloway and Kennedy Colombo demonstrated and communicated to us are deeply appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending the architectural firm of Jackson Galloway.”

– Rev. Ed Koharchik, Pastor

Austin ISD:

“I have had the pleasure of working with both Bob Galloway and JGA on five projects for the Austin Independent School District Athletic Department. I found JGA to be a very professional company that was flexible and customer friendly. Their ability to be able to adjust to the many obstacles encountered on these different projects was outstanding and their communication was exemplary. The service provided by JGA and Bob Galloway exceeded my expectations on every project.”

– Tommy Cox, Athletic Director

Shoreline Church:

“Jackson Galloway PLLC was the architect of record for our new 40,000 square foot children’s facility. We found the entire organization to be imaginative, innovative, responsive, responsible, cost conscious and very professional. Our church campus has been lifted by the beautiful and inspirational architecture of the new building. We are pleased not only with the design, but the professionalism and the management expertise displayed. We highly recommend Jackson Galloway. 

"The opening was incredible. Five hundred kids came on the stage during the second service and expressed gratitude for the sacrifices made to build their new building and it was indeed a special moment. So many of the kids wandered through the building with a sense of awe like it was Christmas morning.” 

– D.R. Dickey, Executive Administrator

Champions Westlake Gymnastics & Cheer: 

“As a former client of Champions and long-time friend, Bob Galloway is without question my first choice as an architectural designer. [...] From the creative stage through the construction phase and up to completion, Bob and his team were personal in their approach, proposing creative solutions at every turn to help us meet the aesthetic and financial goals for our project. The final result is stunning. Every time a new customer walks through the door, we hear praises and compliments on the impressive functionality and design of our gym. True to their mission, JGA exceeded our expectations. 

“I would certainly use them for any further projects and hope that you will enjoy the same success.”

– Gretchen Huddleston, Owner

T. Stacy & Associates, Inc.:

“We selected Bob’s firm after reviewing RFQ’s and interviewing several Austin design firms [...] We released JGA to begin design in mid-January on an expedited schedule.  Bob and his staff have done a terrific job working with our committee as well as an interiors/aesthetic committee, programming and fine-tuning the design to fit both our needs and our budget. The completed drawings were submitted to the City of Austin for permit on June 1st, only about 150 days from start to finish. [...] I would be glad to recommend that you use JGA to lead your design team. Bob is a very involved and hands-on principal. He has personally made a well-prepared progress presentation at essentially every meeting of our committee. I think you will really like their work.” 

– Tom Stacy, President

Concordia University:

“Bob Galloway and his team at JGA has been a true asset to Concordia University in many ways, but a couple specific areas are worth highlighting. First, they listen. They are very good at understanding needs and wants of the owner while balancing them with budgets construction realities and making them work. Our projects began with a multitude of voices with competing needs and wants and very limited budgets. JGA worked with the groups involved to identify the core needs and developed a space that met virtually all of them. Second, Jackson Galloway Associates, and Bob Galloway in particular are true partners throughout any project. Whether with the owner or with a general contractor (or even subs for that matter) they always seek to work with an understanding that only through strong relationships will decisions get made, problems get solved and objectives get achieved and buildings get built. [...] I know you won’t be disappointed.”

– Dan Gregory, Director – University Services

CD3 Storage Systems, Inc:

“From the beginning, our goals for building our offices and warehouse have been fairly lofty and our budget for design and construction very limited. Our expectations were quite high, and yet the outcome was even better than expected! What I enjoyed from the very start of the project all the way to the end has been the complete professionalism exemplified by your firm. [...] It was this service that allowed our company to continue to focus on our business with exceptional confidence knowing that the project was well under control. [...] I would gladly speak with any prospective clients about the benefits of working with you and your firm to address their design and architectural needs.”

– Tod Barrett, President



Contractor Testimonials

John King Construction:

JKC (John King Construction) and JGA (Jackson Galloway FMG Architects) have been delivering successful projects together for over two decades. Most recently our firms completed the new Hutto City Hall together. Beyond JGA’s passion for designing great buildings lies the most important recipe for success – teamwork and collaboration! Every project presents unique challenges, but with JGA we can always count on them “to show up” and help turn those challenges into opportunities!

– JD King, Project Manager

White Construction: 

“The striking design of [the Special Olympics Texas Headquarters] is truly remarkable and has exceeded the owner’s expectations in every way. This project was a perfect model for the design-build process. It was a pleasure to work side by side with your firm to build a beautiful building for a beautiful client. We would like to thank you and your team for a job well done.” 

– Brad Barber, Project Manager

 Flynn Construction:

“Working with Jackson Galloway has always been a great joy. Their knowledgeable insight, proactive team approach, and ability to recognize an owner’s vision is what sets them apart from other Architecture firms. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with their outstanding team, and would recommend them to any client without hesitation.” 

– Zach Hutto, Senior Estimator

Rogers-O'Brien Construction:

“We wanted to take a minute to offer our recommendation of Jackson Galloway Associates as Architects for your upcoming project. We have known one another for several years and have the greatest respect for their reputation and service. Their standards are high and they typically surround themselves with team members that meet or exceed expectations. [...] With Jackson Galloway the design will be complete with minimal problems and the right attitude toward solving those problems as they surface. Please consider Jackson Galloway your best choice when making this important decision.”

– Jeff Hagar, Vice President

Chasco Constructors:

“We would like to put in a good word for Jackson Galloway Associates for your next project. Chasco and many of our professional staff have had the pleasure of working with Bob through the years, including the recently completed Athletic Facilities for Concordia University. We always look forward to working with Bob and his staff and are certain that you would be well served by their commitment, experience and talent.”

– Scott Badgett, Vice President

SpawGlass Construction:

"From a contractors’ perspective, Jackson Galloway participated collaboratively in the pre-construction and construction phases to allow the project team to meet or exceed the client’s goals for the project at a competitive price. We look forward to working with Jackson Galloway on future opportunities."

– Joel D. Stone, Vice President

Braun & Butler Construction:

“Our past experience building projects with JGA has clearly shown them to be an excellent design firm and an excellent partner during the construction process. I give my unqualified recommendation of Jackson Galloway for your next project.”

– John M. Braun, President

McCall Construction:

“I have been working with Jackson Galloway Architects for almost 20 years. As a general contractor, I appreciate the detail and design they bring to a project. Their plans are always thorough and they are willing to listen and work with you. The team at JGA is top notch.”

– Tim McCall, President



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Kopplow Construction: 

“We really enjoyed working with you guys on the Redeemer Presbyterian Project last year. I’m writing this email after we recently completed our end of warranty walk through with the owner. Bob Galloway and I walked with Benjie (Owner) for over an hour and just listened to how happy they were and what little problems they have had in their first year of operation. It’s always nice to end a project in that way! The transformation of the building from the old downtown YMAC to its current state is amazing. It’s certainly a project both of our firms can be proud to have performed. 

“This brings to mind the relationship we had with you guys throughout design development, the construction stage, and obviously the warranty period. A large portion of the projects we are involved with follow the same format as this one – being involved early on in the design process to work with the design team to reach a solution that works best for the owner and their budget. We had a great working relationship with Bob and David which was critical in making this project happen. They were easy to work with, open to suggestions, and very responsive. These remodels are not always the easiest of projects and this one certainly had its fair share of difficulties, but each was dealt with in the most efficient and cost effective manner as possible.” 

“I hope we are able to do many more projects in the future and wish your team the best. 

– Rob Stevens, Project Manager/Chief Estimato

Austin Canyon Corporation:

“In their capacity as Project Architect, they maintained a consistent and professional demeanor during the design and construction administration portions of the project and adapted well to the Client’s design goals as the project unfolded. The were attentive to the Client’s needs and demonstrated positive leadership in their role as the Architect. The project was a mutual success for the Owner, Architect, and Contractor and, as the result of the Team working well together, cost savings were achieved and returned to the Owner.”

– Mike Nazar, President

FTWoods Construction:

“We were privileged to serve as the Construction Manager-at-Risk in conjunction with Bob Galloway and his staff at Jackson Galloway Associates on the Children’s Education Building for First Baptist Church of Georgetown. We view the project as a total success. 

“Not only did Bob and Jackson Galloway design a superb building, they were, from a contractor’s perspective, an excellent team member. The plans were good, change orders were minimal and the information flow was excellent. I cannot recall any issues that were not resolved quickly and to ours and the owner’s satisfaction. I would highly recommend Bob and Jackson Galloway Associates to any Church."

– Patrick R. Baker, Chief Operating Officer

American Constructors California, Inc.: 

“On behalf of American Constructors I want to express our sincere appreciation of the professionalism and cooperative efforts of Jackson Galloway Architecture on the First Evangelical Free Church project. Great architecture coupled with teamwork during design and construction allowed the team to achieve the Owner’s goals and each person to achieve their best work on this project. [...] We look forward to working with your firm again and showing future clients what a true Team of talented Designers and Builders can achieve.” 

– Marty Burger, Vice President