St. John Orthodox Church | Multipurpose Building

Cedar Park, Texas

Byzantium meets Americana in the multipurpose building at St. John’s, which is ultimately planned for use as a fellowship hall when a permanent church temple is built in the future. In the interim the multipurpose building serves dual functions as the parish’s house of worship and fellowship. 

A simple, economical building approach (rectangular floor plan, wood frame, gabled roof) was beautified with carefully placed windows, confident color schemes and materials selections. The Nave is further adorned with liturgical furnishings and iconography. 

High windows in the Nave provide views of sky and trees, and allow sunlight to reflect off ceilings and walls; East windows behind the altar allow the sunrise to illuminate the worship space.

SIZE: New ~ 4,100 SF 

CLIENT: Saint John the Forerunner Orthodox Church 

COMPONENTS: Multipurpose Hall for worship and fellowship; Kitchen, Narthex, Restrooms 


SERVICES: Master Planning, Programming, Full Architectural Services, Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design.