Shoreline Church | Children’s Center  

Austin, Texas 

The Children’s Building at Shoreline was designed as part of a new front door for the church campus, highlighting and empowering the church’s priority for ministering to children. 

The first floor is dedicated to the younger children’s ministry, and is themed with playful, age-appropriate wall paintings throughout. The second floor is themed as a technotronic environment that centers on the Main Assembly Room, which features 180° video projection, accomplished by fusing five adjacent projections into a continuous arc. 

Both floors of the building were designed to facilitate simultaneous use of all of the Classrooms and the Assembly Rooms by a synchronized switch of the children partway through each 90-minute session.

Size: New ~ 39,000 SF 

Client: Shoreline Church 

Components: 2-story Indoor Playground with Climbing Wall, a Theatre/Assembly Room on each floor, 22 Classrooms, a Game Room Mezzanine, and Administrative Offices 

Completion Date: 2008  

Services: Full Architectural Services, Interior Design (Design/Build with Austin Canyon Corporation) 

Awards: AGC Outstanding Construction Award