The Design Process

We are committed to forming long-term working relationships with our clients. We step into each new project as a team member, with the experience and expertise to build a framework of thoughtful design collaboration, efficiency, communication, and focused efforts. 

Before setting pencil to paper, we undertake knowing the mind and character of our clients:  the history, dreams, and needs of each. From information gathered by different means (i.e. research, workshops, interviews, surveys, etc.) we uncover the essence of what will make every facility unique and highly successful. 

The next step is to apply our client’s aspirations to the chosen site. Our goal is to create a unique solution that is authentic to time, place, and spirit. We consider the future master plan vision, the history of the site, its surroundings and natural environment, appropriate regional building materials and technologies, and any special design requirements of the project at hand. Having investigated these issues, we are then ready to draw upon our expertise in building technology and aesthetics to create a place of quality: optimum in its functionality and timeless in its architectural expression. 

Two critical aspects of every project are monitoring and projecting the budgets and schedules for the facility. Over the years we have developed a great deal of experience and proven tools to manage both of these crucial concerns for all types of clients. 

Our design approach is best summarized in our firm’s mission statement, “to exceed our client’s expectations as we provide architecture that is beautiful, authentic, timeless, and technologically superior.” We often receive repeat commissions from our clients; and we attribute this to the fact that our staff persistently brings exceptional value to the table in terms of quality, beautiful architecture, and the experience of partnering together on a project.