NYOS Charter School

Austin, TX

After remodeling an existing campus in another location for NYOS Charter School (Not Your Ordinary School), JGA was given the opportunity to plan a new K-12 campus for the growing school. JGA worked with the school to develop a tilt-wall school building to fit within an existing approved site footprint that had been planned as an industrial park. The facilities include science, photo, and art labs, a library, and a full-service kitchen. The kindergarten room is a large open space with several "Discovery Stations" located around the room. Children may explore the room's various learning tools or retreat to the loft area above for reading time. Large windows and skylights ensure that no classroom is deprived of ample natural light. Playground and hardscape areas are located around the north perimeter of the building, shielded from vehicular traffic. Covered walkways in front of the school create a casual and friendly atmosphere for students to congregate before and after classes. Stone arches and landscaping provide an engaging sense of entry for students and staff. 

SIZE:  22,000 SF

CLIENT:  NYOS Charter School

COMPONENTS:  K–12 Classrooms, Library, Science / Photo / Art Labs, Administrative Offices.