Maintenance to Mission Campaign: St. William Catholic Church

Maintenance to Mission: Continuing Our Vision

Conceptual rendering of the front façade of the proposed Parish Activity Center.

Conceptual rendering of the front façade of the proposed Parish Activity Center.

Saint William Catholic Church in Round Rock is in the process of unveiling their Maintenance to Mission Campaign (Colaboremos en la Misión) for the addition of a Parish Activity Center, including a new Parish Hall, Auditorium, Courtyard, and multiple ministry meeting spaces. We have greatly enjoyed working with the staff, building committee, and ministry leaders to prepare the 3D fly-through animation (below) and renderings that are being used to support the campaign, which is off to a fantastic start. We pray for the continued success of this exciting project and look forward to making progress towards the start of construction. 

Additional information and images of the building can be found here.

Beyond Walls Campaign: Bethany UMC

This spring Bethany United Methodist Church launched their capital campaign "Beyond Walls: Transforming Lives," which has been tremendously successful to date. We are proud to have been a part of providing a 3D fly-through animation, renderings, and other images for the campaign materials. We are excited to continue our work with Bethany as we move closer to the realization of the new worship center and other improvements to the existing campus. 

Find out more about the campaign here.

Flying through Greater Mount Zion

Jackson Galloway is designing GMZ's new church campus, which will be located 3 miles east of their current facilities in Austin, Texas. This is a Schematic Design fly-through animation of the Phase 1 facilities. We produced this video in-house.