Redeemer Presbyterian Church San Antonio Opens!

On Sunday May 25th the doors of the new Redeemer Presbyterian Church campus were opened for dedication and the first of many worship services to come.

The nurseries were full of laughing children, the lobby air full of the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the excited buzz of church members talking about their new home. Filling the new sanctuary with joyful song and prayers of thanksgiving, both services drew record attendance, including many visiting and new members. While a few weeks of final construction and finishing touches remain, the majority of the facilities were open for people to explore and view the transformation of spaces that once served as the downtown YMCA. This adaptive reuse project will allow the structure to nobly serve many more generations in the future.  We eagerly anticipate the full opening and completion of the facilities (photos to follow). 

St. Joseph Dedication

JGA was pleased to attend the dedication of the recently renovated church at St. Joseph in Rockdale by Bishop Joe Vasquez on February 26. Many thanks to Fr. Ramon Frayna, Deacon Gus Coelho, the Building Committee, donors, and all others whose hard work over the last 2 years made this event possible. It was wonderful to see everyone from the community present to recognize the effort and generosity that helped the vision become reality. It was also very moving to celebrate the joyous occasion in a special liturgy with so many St. Joseph parishioners who will worship in the church for years to come. 

Newly Renovated St. Joseph Catholic Church in Rockdale, TX  –  Photo by Topher Ayrhart

Newly Renovated St. Joseph Catholic Church in Rockdale, TX  –  Photo by Topher Ayrhart

Photos of the completed project may be seen here