Contemporary and Traditional Design: A Wide Range of Solutions

posted by Tori Liggett:

Traditional Contemporary St. William GMZ

This past year our firm celebrated the completion of two very different buildings that we are so proud and grateful to have designed: a new church campus for Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, and the Parish Evangelization Center at St. William Catholic Church in Round Rock, Texas. During the 20 years we have been in business we have worked with church clients from diverse backgrounds and with an impressive range of goals & needs – both functional and aesthetic. These two new facilities demonstrate the spectrum of solutions and responsiveness to each client's unique character that JGA is able to offer. 

When designing buildings for church clients, we undertake to know the mind and character of each client before setting pencil to paper – their history, their dreams, and their needs. In cultivating a relationship with a church client we hope will last many years beyond the building project at hand – through workshops, interviews, questionnaires, and so on – we uncover the essence of what will make each facility distinct and highly successful – whether it is intended to be altogether innovative or connected to a living tradition.     

Our goal is to create a unique solution that is authentic to its location and spirit. We consider the future master plan vision, what building forms communicate about character, the history of the site, its surroundings and natural environment, appropriate regional building materials and technologies, and any special design requirements of the project at hand. Only after these considerations are taken into account are we ready to draw upon our expertise in building technology and aesthetics to create something of lasting quality that is optimal in functionality and timeless in architectural expression.

Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church:

St. William Catholic Church:

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