A Visit to Community First

posted by Michael Raia

Last weekend, supporters from across Austin gathered at a recently transformed, bustling site in East Austin that will soon be filling up with new residents. Community First Village is a ministry of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and one of the first endeavors of its kind in the US, being a collection of micro-homes, RVs, canvas shelters, and even large tipis intended to provide a safe and peaceful setting to transition Austin's homeless population into affordable community living. The community allows residents to choose their living arrangements based on cost, and also offers opportunity for residents to earn income via on-site labor.

Amenities include communal restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities, as well as a health clinic, grocery store, art gallery, chapel, library, blacksmith and woodworking shops, community gardens, chicken coops, dairy goat barn (designed by JGA principal Bob Galloway and coming soon), bee hives, prayer garden, and an amphitheater for live music and movie screenings. A visitors' inn also allows traveling missionaries and volunteers to stay on site. In addition to countless hours of volunteer labor, a host of other corporate sponsors have contributed to making the dream of ending homelessness through community a reality. The Jackson Galloway staff is are proud to support Community First and Mobile Loaves & Fishes through pro-bono design services and weekly volunteering on food delivery trucks.