Easter / Pascha 2015

posted by Baker Galloway

Western Christians celebrate Easter this Sunday and Eastern Christians the next. We wish all of you a blessed conclusion to Holy Week and joyous Paschal celebration. Following is an excerpt from a 5th Century Easter Sermon by St. Augustine of Hippo:

“Peace Be To You, The Mystical Body.”

“‘Jesus stood in the midst of them, and saith to them: Peace be to you.’ (Luke 24:36)”

“The Lord, as you have heard, appeared to His Disciples after His Resurrection, and greeted them, saying: Peace be to you . This is indeed peace, and the salutation of Salvation; for salutation receives its name from salvation. And what better than that Salvation Itself should greet mankind?

“For Christ is our Salvation. For He is our Salvation Who was wounded for us, and fastened with nails to the Wood, and taken down from the Wood, and laid in the sepulchre. But He rose from the sepulchre; and though His wounds were healed the scars remained. For this He judged expedient for His Disciples: that He should keep His scars to heal the wounds of their soul.”

8th century fresco painting of the Crucifixion from Santa Maria Antiqua, Rome.