Learning From The Best: BIM Specialization Training

Continuing Education is part of keeping a well-rounded designer’s skill set sharp and staying ahead of the industry curve.  Last month Darrell Smith, AIA, CDT (aka The Mendicant Architect or TMA) held a 5-day software specialization training with several members of our staff to improve our firm's BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities and technology standards. As our world grows increasingly digital and as many of our clients realize the many benefits of BIM – particularly being able to visualize and coordinate in 3D – we are committed to investing as much as we can to provide the best services and products possible.  


Several of JGA's project managers, designers, and principals gathered our workstations in the conference room to watch and practice hands-on techniques to improve and hone our office practices, methods, and standards. These advances in our capabilities translate to direct benefits for each project – cost and time savings during design and construction, and improved design and coordination, to name a few. We look forward to staying at the cutting edge of technology to offer our clients the best service and delivered product we can provide.