Renovations Kick Off at Austin High School

posted by Lamour Hudson

Students at Stephen F. Austin High School came back from Spring Break to a gymnasium with a fresh new paint scheme. Jackson Galloway Associates is working on a number of small renovations that will be completed just in time for the start of the Fall 2015 semester. Repainting the Gym was the first step in a multi-stage process that will eventually add a Ticket/Registration Booth, additional Restrooms, a revamped Culinary Arts classroom, and also a Career Center to the oldest public high school in the State of Texas.

Gym Paint Before/After:

“Loyal Forever”

JGA was tasked with refreshing the gym but respecting its history. One challenge of repainting the gym was the charge from the Owner to re-create the "Loyal Forever" custom text wall graphics exactly as they were previously displayed on the wall, just bigger. Unfortunately we did not have records of how that decades-old lettering had first been produced – was it a font file or was it custom hand-drafted lettering?

Our staff undertook the task of researching the origin of the lettering and after browsing through literally hundreds of similar hand-lettered custom script fonts, the original font file was found! DTC Brody M00. The typeface features an upright italic style lettering that the original sign maker had canted in a faux italic of about 12°. We matched that treatment and added additional compositional elements: the Austin High “A” and a striped banding around the gym walls reminiscent of sports uniform piping. 

Additionally, the structural elements that were previously articulated with contrasting paint, achieving a red/white grid, were repainted with a more contemporary monolithic approach and the addition of a light gray color to the palette adds a degree of sophistication.