I Still LOVE Pink!!!

posted by Mandy J McWilliams

Well, not pink exactly.  More like orchid…Radiant Orchid to be precise.  

Each year Pantone, the color authority, chooses a “color of the year”.  Last year 2014 was defined by the color Radiant Orchid.  The previous year, 2013, was flooded with the color Emerald Green…which popped up everywhere from fingernail polish to home décor. 

The use of 2014’s favorite color proved to be even more widespread.  Pantone’s “Radiant Orchid 18-3224” saturated the fashion and beauty industries, colored many consumer goods, and made a bold statement in the world of Interior Design.  

So, now that we are well into 2015, I asked myself, “Do I have to abandon my love affair with Radiant Orchid?”  Luckily, I find that it is still as fresh and dramatic as it ever was!

While many people feel comfortable wearing this color in clothing, you may be asking, “Can I  really use pink in décor without it feeling too girly?”.  And, I say ABSOLUTELY! 

Using small accents of this beautiful color can add drama and a fresh “pop" to a neutral décor pallet. 

Such as an intense color on upholstered chairs, for example. A bright color can make a dark room feel uplifted and unrestrained. 

Don’t expect variations of this striking color to fade from the runways and interior designs anytime soon.  It is no shrinking violet…err, Orchid.



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