Super Intern Jonathan Heads West

Over the holiday break we were again glad to have some drawing production help from Jonathan Langdon who came back in town after his fall semester in the M.Arch program at Texas Tech University's College of Architecture. This week he headed back west. 

Jonathan Langdon,  Super Intern.

Jonathan Langdon, Super Intern.

Jonathan has an exciting studio semester in store for him, participating in the 2015 Liminal Studio, which includes significant work outside the classroom. This year's studio will travel around the Great Salt Lake as part of their coursework. 

Brief Introduction from the studio's website:

“The ambition of this design studio is to develop a particular, distinct and vivid body of research that examine liminal spatial conditions that exist between landscape and architecture. The studio will be exceedingly productive operating through tangible evidence of our investigations. There will be no arm waving or talking about absent substantiation. Work will develop to a level of completion and integrity beyond standard academic studio practice and be held accountable to the details of action that follow the adage of poet and pediatrician William Carlos Williams: “no ideas but in things.” It is going to be exciting, demanding, and will have an impact on the trajectory of our individual work as well as those around us.” 
“Part of the SITE work portion of the studio will require a trip to the Great Salt Lake Desert from 26 February through 1 March 2015. We will fly in and out of Salt Lake City and travel to various points around the Great Salt Lake to document liminal field conditions and digest the perceptual and physical realities of site. A working itinerary can be found at the online map.”
Itinerary map of the studio's planned trip around the Great Salt Lake. 

Itinerary map of the studio's planned trip around the Great Salt Lake. 

We wish Jonathan the best this semester!