Suite 230 at Mira Vista  

Austin, Texas 

In 2006, Jackson Galloway Associates chose an unfinished office suite on the second floor of the Mira Vista office building to fit out as the firm’s third business home. Apart from concrete ceilings and floors, the only existing features of the suite were four large concrete columns and several large windows overlooking the Austin skyline. We used the columns to frame the perimeter of the studio workspace, then chose a glass wall partition system to give the managing principal offices aural privacy but allow for visual transparency to the view outside. The corner office, with its 180-degree, floor-to-ceiling view, was designated a community creative space for all staff to enjoy as a brainstorming, reading, or casual conference room. We used the opportunity of designing our own office to implement some unusual new products.

The resource library features incandescent and fluorescent lights to view materials in a variety of lighting conditions. 

The conference room for twenty can be split into two rooms using a partition that drops from above. The table also splits and the partially frosted glass walls allow a visual, yet private connection to the rest of the office. 

The main drafting area of the office includes reconfigurable systems furniture and high tech lighting. 

The “creative room” corner space with synthetic turf flooring and erasable marker wall surfaces.

Photos by Peter Tata