First Baptist Church Temple | Balcony and Classrooms Expansion

Temple, Texas

Client: First Baptist Church Temple

Size: 5,200 SF Preschool Addition, plus renovation 2,800 SF Worship Balcony Addition

Components: 225 Seat Worship Balcony added in existing Worship space. Preschool Addition with new foyer, classrooms, and office, plus renovation of existing preschool space.

Completion Date:  TBD

Services:  Master Planning, Programming, Full Architectural Services, Interior Design

Needing room to grow and continue to expand the church’s ministries, First Baptist Church Temple engaged JGA to develop a new master plan for the church campus.  For near-term growth needs, the decision was made to add a balcony in the existing worship space, construct an addition to the preschool wing of the building, and expand the parking lot.  With the desire of the church being to make these expansions feel like they were always part of the building, the design was completed to match the detailing of the original structure as seamlessly as possible, while also finding opportunities to improve on certain systems and finishes to simplify long-term flexibility and maintenance for the church.