“Through my years of ministry I have had the privilege to build nine different buildings and renovate a few others. Through all those experiences there has been one architectural firm that stands out among all others and that is the firm of Jackson Galloway.    “I have had a working relationship with the firm of Jackson Galloway Associates for over ten years. We opened up a new Worship Center in 2001 and an education building in 2006. On our last facility I had the opportunity to work with them from the very beginning of the concept through the move-in and follow-up. Everyone I have ever worked with from Jackson Galloway has always been professional, highly knowledgeable and great to work with. Jackson Galloway knows and understands churches and the processes they must go through to build a new building.  “As far as I am concerned, First Baptist Georgetown will never interview another architect. I cannot imagine building another building without Jackson Galloway being a part of it. They take much of the stress, frustration and consuming of time out of the process of building a church building.”  – Kirk A. Kriegel,  Executive Pastor
 “Bob, it has been an honor to work with you, Brian and Mandy the last couple of years. In my opinion the project couldn’t have gone any smoother and the quality of the building is a reflection of you and your employees. You and John have built a very reputable business and have a lot to be proud of. I just got back from the concert in the youth room and everything was perfect. Everyone I talked with today was extremely happy with the building.”  – Allan Higgins,  Building Committee Chair
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