Cityview Bible Church

Round Rock, Texas 

The main goals of the master plan design for Cityview (formerly known as Hill Country Bible Church Round Rock) are to create a sense space on a flat, wide-open site and to orient the final Sanctuary Building directly toward the adjacent roadway intersection for maximum community presence. With potential public access from all sides of the site, there will not be a front and back door to the facilities.  All sides will be presented to the public and to the courtyard interior.

The Phase 1 Structure is bisected down the middle into two main masses by a large Foyer with prominent covered entry. The first mass houses the Worship Center with Kitchen and Admin Offices. On the other side of the building, the second mass contains 2 stories of Classrooms. Ultimately the Phase 1 Worship Center will become a Fellowship Hall when the future Sanctuary is constructed.

Size:  Phase 1 New ~ 40,939 SF on a 20-acre site

Client:  Cityview Bible Church

Components:  530-seat Worship Center, Foyer, Kitchen, Admin Offices, 24 Classrooms and 3 large Assembly Rooms

Completion Date:  TBD

Services:  Master Planning, Programming, Preliminary Design.