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Every house of worship is different because each church community is gifted with a unique calling. We tailor our services to fit your precise needs.


We get to know each church client's unique spirituality and mission intimately to thoroughly understand their needs rather than simply translating a wish list to a design solution. 


We solicit broad and diverse input and offer engagement at many levels to suit different church and project leadership structures. A healthy process will engage, strengthen and integrate your community.


We capitalize on the individual and collective strengths available to each church and orchestrate them in service of the project at hand.


We are in the business of creating high-impact and high-quality environments on a budget to maximize beauty and functionality, while minimizing both the impact on the environment and the price tag.


We work tirelessly to maintain ongoing operations and respect our clients’ schedules. We understand the importance of church calendar milestones and the pressure of ministry needs.


Visualizing a beautiful design before it gets built is essential to energizing your membership. We help craft a vision that is rooted in our clients' mission, and then deliver the highest quality graphics to support it.

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