Authenticity arises from a design that is rooted in your mission. Our desire is to help your mission bear fruit.

CHURCH'S MISSION – Your mission statement defines your unique identity and purpose and is foundational for all aspects of growth and planning.

STRATEGIC MINISTRY PLAN – A strategic plan identifies priorities, goals, and methods for realizing your mission, based on collective input of the stakeholders. 

‘BIG PICTURE’ DESIGN CONCEPTS – A set of principal core concepts authentically based on your mission will initiate, define, and guide the entire facility design process. 

FACILITIES MASTER PLAN – A facilities master plan utilizes all available knowledge of your history and goals to integrate all anticipated needs. 

SPECIFIC DESIGN SOLUTION – Our design translates the planning work and design concepts into a cohesive set of proven solutions that balance the needs and constraints of the project, ultimately laying a foundation that will support the flourishing of your mission. 

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by providing architecture that is beautiful, authentic, timeless and technologically superior. 


Church facilities for worship, outreach, education and fellowship provide a setting that will facilitate the nurturing and health of our families, and the healing, restoration and spiritual growth of each member of the body of Christ in this broken world. We approach our role as architects in this process of supporting the Church's ministry seriously and with gratitude. 


We have developed master plans and built facilities for over seventy churches. Each client is different. They come to us with different priorities, histories, needs, and organizational structures. Each church community has a unique spiritual character and calling. Some communities look for alternative, informal, or hi-tech settings to gather and worship in a contemporary atmosphere; other churches seek a reverent and sacred space in which to celebrate the Liturgy. We do not impose a predetermined architectural style on our clients’ projects.

We take a church’s specific mission to heart and endeavor to participate in any project as a ministry partner: one who provides built facilities that are inspired by the church’s mission, equipping her to fulfill her unique calling. Some clients prefer to direct the course of a project in a small leadership group; others prefer a high degree of membership-base involvement. We are equipped to coordinate the workshops, focus groups, surveys and presentations necessary for a wide range of design process approaches.

We’d Love to Tell You More

Please contact us if you’d like to read more about our design process and we’d be glad to send you additional information.