Austin Ridge Bible Church  | Youth Buildings & Amphitheater 

Austin, Texas 

The design challenge for this pair of pre-engineered metal buildings for the church’s high school and middle school ministries was to create engaging and energetic settings that would be connected to each other and the outdoors, with built-in flexibility.

The two buildings’ placement forms a courtyard, framing a limestone amphitheater with spacious views of the Hill Country. Each building opens onto the courtyard with glass walls via the Cafés and mezzanine Game Rooms. A large 2-story bay of garage doors divides each building in half, creating flexibility for “blackout” events in the assembly room; or open, light-filled use of the building as one contiguous air space. Each building also features a distinct interior design theme with custom signage and wall graphics.

Size:  New ~ 15,200 SF

Client:  Austin Ridge Bible Church

Components: Amphitheater courtyard; High School and MIddle School Buildings, each featuring a game room mezzanine, assembly area with 2-story coiling garage door walls, lounge, kitchen, and balcony. 

Completion Date:  2009

Services:  Master Planning, Programming, Full Architectural Services, Interior Design, Signage & Wayfinding Design.

Photos by Topher Ayrhart


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