Austin Baptist Church | Education Expansion

Austin, Texas

Austin Baptist Church has experienced abundant growth since completion of their initial 2012 facilities in West Austin (Four Points area), and have quickly outgrown their education spaces.  This education expansion builds on the Master Plan that Jackson Galloway completed in 2010.  It will add a 500-seat assembly hall for their Lamp Lighters bible fellowship class, and a two-story education wing with 23 new classrooms (for a campus total of 64).  

A new café adjacent to the existing Foyer will provide a gathering space throughout the week.  A new Storage and Maintenance Building will also help with day-to-day operations; and a new steeple on the existing tower will make Austin Baptist Church a landmark in the community.

New renderings of the 47,000 SF Education Expansion Project at Austin Baptist Church.

SIZE:  New ~ 47,290 SF

CLIENT:  Austin Baptist Church

COMPONENTS: 500-Seat Assembly Hall, Education Wing (First Floor Children's, Second Floor Adult), Nursery Renovation, Café, Steeple, Storage/Maintenance Building, Playground

COMPLETION DATE:  Estimated September 2016

SERVICES:  Full Architectural Services, Fundraising Images, Interior Design


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