12th & West (current AIA Austin Center for Architecture)

Austin, TX

Originally serving as the design studio for our firm, the AIA took over this space when we relocated to the Mira Vista office building in 2006, renaming it the Center for Architecture 

In this conversion of a 1950’s gas station into office space, the spirit of full service was preserved. To begin with, the former canopied service island now accommodates a conference space for architectural presentation and the sharing of ideas. 

The former mechanic’s office and storage spaces were remodeled into an interior design resource room and the former hydraulic service bays became the main design center with eight workstations. An original mosaic tile floor – colorful, unrestrained, and typical of the 1950’s era – was preserved to grace the floor of the central interior hallway. 

SIZE: Adaptive Reuse ~ 2,950 SF 

OWNER: Larson/Burns & Smith, Inc.

COMPONENTS: Architecture Studio w/ 12 workstations, reception area, conference room, break room 


SERVICES: Full Architectural Services, Interior Design 

AWARDS: Texas Downtown Association, Best Adaptive Reuse – Finalist

Photos by Peter Tata